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Crafting Excellence Since 1995


Based in Sydney, Zbigniew Gnatek has been crafting exceptional classical guitars since 1995. With a rich background in classical guitar and acoustics, Zbigniew has honed his expertise through studies in Europe and Australia. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and a degree in Audio Engineering.


Fusion of Modern and Traditional Techniques


Zbigniew's guitars are a harmonious blend of the modern Australian lattice design and refined traditional European artistry. This unique combination results in instruments that are among the world’s most advanced in design, construction, and craftsmanship.


Endorsements by Prominent Guitarists


Gnatek guitars are celebrated by many prominent guitarists who testify to their superior quality through their performances and recordings. Esteemed musicians who play Gnatek guitars include:

  • Costas Cotsiolis (Greece)
  • Rafael Aguirre Minarro (Spain)
  • Artyom Dervoed (Russia)
  • Ruben Bettencourt (Portugal)
  • Alen Garagic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Jan Depreter (Belgium)
  • Pedro Rodrigues (Portugal)
  • Krzysztof Pelech (Poland)


Guitar specifications:


  • Schaller tuners
  • Back and Sides - Madagascar Rosewood (Dalbergia baroni)
  • Top - Canadian Red Cedar (Thuja plicata)
  • Neck - Honduras Cedar (Cedrela odorata)
  • Bridge - Madagascar Rosewood (Dalbergia baroni)
  • Arm rest - Madagascar Rosewood (Dalbergia baroni)
  • Hiscox case


Pricing and Delivery


The price of each Gnatek guitar includes 22% VAT plus shipping. Delivery time is approximately 48 hours. Additional costs, such as customs or taxes, may apply when shipping to non-EU countries.


€ 13.980,00Price
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