Wolfgang Jellinghaus was born in 1951 in Dortmund, Germany. His father was also a guitar maker, where he grew up with guitars at an early age. Wolfgang Jellinghaus has been living and working in China for several years now, where he builds handmade guitars of astonishing quality in small manufacture.


His latest guitars are the Wolfgang Jellinghaus Double top Signature. This is a very modern guitar, double-top, with some interesting characteristics, such as the floating fingerboard, which is not fixed to the top, so this part of the top vibrates freely and contributes to the overall sound. The sound volume is also compelling, thanks to the very light double-top construction. The guitar is finished with shellac.


Construction year: 2020

Top: Double top: Ceder + Ceder

Body and Sides: Granadillo

Scale: 650 mm

Nut: 52 mm

Tuners: Der Jung

Case: Hardshell

Wolfgang Jellinghaus – Signature Doubletop

€ 5.110,00Price