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Wolfgang Jellinghaus, a master guitar maker, has been crafting classical guitars since he was fourteen. Born in 1951 in Dortmund, Germany, Wolfgang inherited his passion for guitar making from his father. Growing up surrounded by guitars, he honed his skills and developed a deep expertise in creating these beautiful instruments. Now residing in China, Wolfgang Jellinghaus continues to build exquisite handmade guitars in his small workshop.


This particular model is designed as an affordable alternative to the more intricate instruments in the Jellinghaus line. It provides exceptional sound quality and excellent playability, making it ideal for students or guitarists on a budget. Featuring a cedar top, this classical guitar delivers a robust, colorful tone, highly responsive to vibrato and dynamic changes. The elevated fretboard enhances playability, especially above the 12th fret, making it an expressive and reliable choice for any guitarist.


Please note that the photos shown are general product images and may not exactly represent the actual instrument.



  • Top: Spruce
  • Back and sides: Granadillo
  • Scale: 650 mm
  • Nut: 52 mm mm
  • Weight: 1547 grams
  • Tuners: Der Jung
  • Strings: Knobloch 400ADC
  • Case: Hardshell

Wolfgang Jellinghaus – Conservatory EF

€ 3.045,00Price
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