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The Maravilla M70 CD is a standout member of the prestigious Maravilla concert guitar family, epitomizing top-tier guitar craftsmanship. Constructed from solid wood and equipped with a lattice-braced cedar top, this guitar is celebrated for its warm, resonant sound. The elevated fretboard enhances playing comfort and facilitates seamless performance in the higher registers.

Meticulous attention is given to the selection and quality of tonewoods during the crafting process, ensuring an extraordinary sound experience. The Maravilla M90 CD delivers a deep and rich sound profile, characterized by powerful basses and clear, sparkling highs. Its balanced tone makes it perfect for both rapid fingerpicking and robust strumming. Each note is articulated with exceptional clarity and precision, making it ideal for concerts and studio recordings.

Blending traditional craftsmanship with modern construction techniques, the Maravilla M90 CD not only sounds phenomenal but also represents the pinnacle of both worlds.

Maravilla M70

€ 960,00Price
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