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Johannes Kitselis is based in Ängelsberg, Sweden. He started building his first guitar 1984, at the age of 15 and later refined his skills, learning from the leading Greek luthier, Giannis Paleodimopoulos. Johannes builds mostly double top guitars, with a focus on sound projection, timbre, and balance.


In January 2017, Johannes participated at the classical guitar building competition in St. Petersburg, where his guitar received the First Prize, for the best sound, playability, and craftsmanship.


This guitar has more of a traditional voice, with dark basses and thick trebles. A big sound with a great balance between darkness and brightness. The sustain is long and very homogenous. The back and sides of this model are doubled, which gives a full body and a strong projection of the sound. In our opinion, Johannes guitar can easily compete with the best German double-tops.




◦ String Length: 650 mm

◦ Nut: 52,5 mm

◦ Double top: Cedar-Nomex-Cedar

◦ Back and Sides: Madagascar rosewood

◦ Elevated fretboard

◦ Air resonance frequency: F#

◦ French polished

◦ Tuners: Perona

◦ Hiscox hardcase included

Johannes Kitselis 2022 - Double top

€ 6.200,00Price
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