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Fernando Mazza is a successful guitar maker born in Argentina. After a career as a guitarist, he dedicated himself to classical guitar-making and opened his workshop in Arezzo, Italy. Fernando Mazza’s guitars are easily recognized by their meticulous construction and beautiful rosette, reminiscent of the arches of the famous Palazzo Ducale in Venice. He builds guitars in the Australian lattice tradition, combining extremely stiff laminated backs and sides with a highly responsive lattice top. In addition, Fernando Mazza also builds a Nomex double top model with lattice bracing that offers even more projection and spontaneity.


Fernando built this brand new double-top model with a cedar-nomex soundboard, lattice bracing, and Santos Rosewood back and sides. An interesting feature is the back doubled with nomex to make it lighter and more resonant. It also features many other modern elements, such as an additional sound port on the side with a specially designed cover and an armrest. The result is a spacious sound with exceptional power and excellent projection. The easy playability and balanced, rounded tone also give the player extra confidence in all playing situations. The interesting thing about this guitar is that the player retains fine control over dynamics and timbre, allowing great expressiveness. This characteristic gives this instrument a natural charisma and makes it evident why exceptional players like Andrea Caballero and Valeria Galimova, among many other guitarists, play instruments made by Fernando Mazza.


  • Made in Arezzo – Italy 
  • Year 2024
  • Spruce, Lattice top 
  • Multi-laminated Santos rosewood back and sides
  • The inner layer of the sound box is wenge
  • 650 mm scale length with 53 mm nut
  • Ebony fingerboard with 20th fret
  • German Alpaca medium frets
  • Santos rosewood bridge
  • 12 holes string ties
  • Alessi's hand-made machine heads with ebony knobs
  • Bone saddles Ebony & white oak marquetry
  • Black carob tree armrest
  • Handcrafted rosette Matt polyurethane finish
  • Price includes 22% VAT 
  • Delivery Time: ca. 48 hours
  • Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.

Fernando Mazza

€ 6.500,00Price
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