Francisco Esteve guitars come from a workshop in the beautiful Mediterranean coastal farming town of Alboraya, Spain, near Valencia. The workshop was started in the 1950's by Francisco Esteve and Manuel Adalid Sr. Today it is a very busy workshop of about 40 artisans crafting high quality guitars by hand. The shop is still in the family tradition and is now managed by Manuel Adalid Jr. Over half a century of dedication to the highest standards of lutherie in the great Spanish tradition has distinguished the name of Esteve as one of the best in the world. 


The Esteve guitars is characterized by a traditional "Spanish" tone that is deep, rich and of a warm quality. Their outstanding tone quality is achieved by using only solid cedar or spruce on the soundboards and high quality rosewood, mahogany, ziricote and other beautiful tone woods for all models. Attention to the fine points of string set-up make every model of Esteve a pleasure to play.


Model 3Z  Solid spruce or cedar soundboard with absolutely beautiful ornately-figured Ziricote back and sides. Introduced in 2014, these models must be seen to be believed. They are even more beautiful in-person. Mahogany binding complements the varied dark colors of the ziricote. The tone is rich and clear.  

Esteve 3Z

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