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David "Jose" Rubio, a renowned luthier, passed away on October 21, 2000, at the age of 65. His legacy in the musical world extends since the mid-1960s, marked by the creation of exceptional stringed instruments including guitars, lutes, harpsichords, violins, violas, and cellos. Notably, two string quartets exclusively play Rubio's instruments, with one named the Rubio Quartet in his honor.

Rubio's journey into instrument making was unconventional and colorful. Initially a medical student at Trinity College, Dublin, he shifted his focus to flamenco guitar after discovering color-blindness would impede his surgical career. Traveling to Spain, he earned a living as a flamenco guitarist, adopting the name "Rubio" due to his red beard. His immersion in the craft began as he observed guitar-makers at work, leading him to a career shift. Building his first instrument from memory, Rubio quickly gained recognition, collaborating with Julian Bream and attracting world-class musicians.


Returning to England in 1967, Rubio continued crafting guitars and lutes at Julian Bream's estate before establishing his workshop near Oxford. His versatility expanded to harpsichords, and then to baroque violins, showcasing his adaptability and mastery. In 1979, he relocated to Cambridge, producing modern and period instruments alongside engaging in instrument-related research.

Rubio's contribution extended beyond craftsmanship; he played a key role in discoveries about classical Italian violin makers' finishing and varnishing techniques. He developed acoustical testing methods and collaborated on groundbreaking instrument designs, such as the 8-string guitar with Paul Galbraith.


Despite battling cancer, Rubio remained dedicated to his craft until the end. He passed away, leaving behind a remarkable collection of over a thousand musical instruments. David Rubio will be remembered not only for his instruments but also for his unwavering dedication, craft skills, larger-than-life personality, and commitment to uncompromising standards.


Edward Jones started his musical instrument profession as a student to the highly respected harpsichord maker, Robert Goble. During the six years he spent with Goble, Edward Jones constructed instruments which include the harpsichord, clavichord, spinet, octavina and the virginal.


In 1973 he was invited to continue his studies with the world famous guitar maker, David J Rubio. With Rubio, he specialised in instruments of both the guitar and lute family, which he continued to construct for Rubio until 1979, when he left to open his own studio in the North Oxfordshire village of Steeple Aston.


With this experience, Edward Jones now has a considerable reputation, resulting in a worldwide clientele with his instruments being played in over 20 different countries.


  • Guitar: Rubio Workshop - Edward B. Jones 
  • Year: 1979
  • Condition: used - very good
  • Top: Spruce
  • Back and sides: Indian rosewood
  • Tuners: hand-made David Rogers machine
  • Original Rubio rosette
  • Hiscox Guitar case

David Rubio - Edward B. Jones

€ 12.200,00Price
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