Without proper humidity control, guitars will not perform at their maximum ability and even worse can be damaged. To maintain their shape, guitars need to be stored at a stable 45-55% RH (relative humidity). Wide fluctuations in humidity will cause the wood to expand or shrink, which puts stress on the instrument and degrades its performance abilities.


Stop risking your instrument by adding water. Only Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control adds or removes moisture as conditions require to maintain the ideal humidity level in your instrument case. Boveda helps prevent warping or cracking, and eliminates downtime for service. Because Boveda requires zero maintenance, your instrument will always be protected.


Boveda patented 2-way humidity control makes it easy for you to protect your wood instruments with precision. Guitars should be kept between 45% and 55% relative humidity. Boveda eliminates major fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity inside the instrument case. Boveda 49% RH stabilizes the environment to prevent damage that happens to wood from exposure to fluctuations.

BOVEDA - 2 WAY Humidity Control

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