The double top guitar from Alexander Pashentsev (Russia) is made of a cedar-spruce combination, and it offers a very nice round, smooth and powerful sound with very nice sustain. It is very unusual to have such a high-quality instrument at this price range. 


Alexander was born in 1975 and has studied guitar Sergei Bizyaev, a local concert guitarist and teacher. He started to make his classical guitars in 2001, and in 2012 he spent some time in Sevilla, where he learned guitar construction from various Spanish guitar builders.


This model is the number 199, and it has a double-top without Nomex. He used only wood to keep as much as possible a traditional woody sound. Guitar also has a vast dynamic range and very nice sustain.



  • 65 cm string length

  • 12-hole-tie block

  • extra C note

  • Ebony fretboard

  • Double top: Canadian Red cedar/spruce

  • ABS Guitar Case


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Aleksandr Pashentsev

€ 3.200,00Price